Dewa and RTA discuss ways to encourage public transport use



The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) held a meeting at its headquarters with the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to discuss methods of encouraging Dewa’s employees to use public transport.

The initiative was part of Dewa’s ongoing efforts to foster partnerships with other departments and organisations in Dubai to promote quality service.

The meeting was attended by Dr Yousef Al Akraf, executive Vice-President of Business Support; Ghinwa Krayem, manager of quality development; Ahmed Abdullah Abdurahim, manager of administrative affairs.

Representatives from the RTA included Essa Abdulrahman Al Dosari, CEO of public transport; Ahmed Al Hamadi, manager of the vehicles department for public transport; Mohammed Yousef Al Mazreb, manager of Unified Card for Transportation Systems; Shafiq Moussa Ismail, sales manager at Marketing and Corporate Communications.

The meeting focused on methods for encouraging the use of public transport, especially by government departments.

The network developed by the RTA is considered one of the most cutting-edge networks in the world and it complies with the best specifications.

RTA representatives assured that they are working with government departments to set guidelines for mutual collaboration to increase the usage of public transport by employees, especially by the low-grade staff either at Dewa or other public sector organisations. More info