Dh100 Dubai Metro fine for listening to music without headphones


By Parag Deulgaonkar  www.emirates247.com

You may actually face the music if you aren’t using headphones on Dubai Metro.

Dubai Metro
Dubai Metro

The Road and Transport Authority (RTA), in response to a tweet on whether commuters can be fined if found listening to music without headphones on the Metro, said: “One needs to inform the RTA inspector and they will do the needful. The fine is Dh100.”

As per the RTA website, causing inconvenience, discomfort or distress to other passengers in any way whatsoever will result in a fine of Dh100.

Sophia Nash, who used the Metro every day, told Emirates 24|7: “I have seen some people just not bothered about other commuters. They listen to songs in their native languages without headphones.”

She added: “I used to request the person to lower the volume as I never knew there was a fine of Dh100 for such a violation.”

Another issue raised by Sunil Shah, a frequent Metro user, was that even if people have headphones the volume is so high, that it is quite annoying for passengers nearby.

“Apart from requesting, I believe I can’t do anything,” he said. More info