Dhamani Launches Signature Boutique at The Dubai Mall


Source:  http://www.diamonds.net/

Premium luxury jewelry house Dhamani opened their signature boutique, Dhamani 1969 at The Dubai Mall. Created in 1969, House of Dhamani has a deep understanding of the intrinsic value and cultural importance of jewelry in today’s world.

Dhamani 1969 will satiate the appetite of contemporary and luxury loving fashionistas from across the globe through beautifully crafted pieces.

Dhamani 1969 raises the bar in the jewelry industry by presenting a unique selection of handpicked rare gems and diamond encrusted jewelry. Dhamani 1969 also marks the first major step toward positioning this prominent home-grown brand on a global platform. The new signature brand together with the planned global expansion across Oman, Qatar, Singapore and the U.K. will provide Dhamani’s international clients with access to the impeccable quality and workmanship of Dhamani.

Amit Dhamani, the CEO and managing director of Dhamani, said, “For 45 years, we have been building on our heritage and world class skills in satisfying the needs of our global customers. House of Dhamani has ensured that customers have always had access to the most brilliant stones and perfect cuts through skilled workmanship and ethical sourcing. We are proud to launch the first ever Dhamani 1969 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. With Dhamani 1969, we are taking our beautifully timeless yet individual styles to international jewelry connoisseurs.”

As part of the exclusive boutique opening, Dhamani 1969 previewed its unique and timeless diamond-encrusted bridal collection. Solitaires of up to 20 carats are intricately woven together to create the bridal diamond collection, which reflects meticulous design, suitable for the sophisticated and refined woman who has an eye for detail. More info