Doha Metro lays tracks for new business opportunities


By Pratap John

Doha Metro, implemented by Qatar Rail, will provide numerous investment opportunities for the country’s private sector in construction, operations and maintenance even as a study shows the project will boost private sector activities in the national GDP by 0.7%.

Overall, the country’s nominal GDP will see an increase of 0.3% in view of the investment opportunities in the mega project, Qatar Rail said.

The project is expected to create thousands of job opportunities for nationals in particular.

Qatar Rail, in association with Qatar Development Bank (QDB) and a global consultant, has identified some 104 opportunities for the local private sector in the project.

The most prominent opportunities will be in manufacturing ready concrete mix for tunnels, engineering digging works, construction of deep foundations, manufacturing waste pipes and sewage systems extensions, construction of structural frames (stations), manufacturing pre-designed steel networks, standard manufacturing (steel bars and blocks), manufacturing of heavy duty glass and ready concrete blocks for the elevated structures, manufacturing ready concrete blocks (stations), manufacturing protection walls and internal spare parts and construction of elevated flyovers and structures. More info