Drive finds mini buses most dangerous vehicle on roads


By Amira Agarib/Principal Correspondent

Dubai – Mini buses pose a serious threat to the lives of passengers and are involved in serious offences during road accidents, an inspection drive by Dubai Police have found.

1Colonel Saif Mohair Al Mazroui, Director of the General Directorate of Traffic in Dubai Police, said that the mini bus drivers and owners of companies need to comply with traffic laws and regulations, as they are bound to ensure the safety of their employees.

So the owners of companies have to make sure that the vehicles are in good condition; and the drivers are not over-loading more than the capacity of the buses.

Colonel Al Mazroui stressed that the General Department of Traffic will take deterrent measures against the drivers of those vehicles who do not abide by the rules and put their lives and other road users at risk. Stressing accidents can be avoided by following the rules, he called on motorists to take caution while driving.

He explained that the police also found some buses carrying iron tools and explosive substances during their inspection, adding some buses are overcrowded. More info