Dubai airport rated best for comfort, convenience, cleanliness and customer service


By Staff

Dubai and Abu Dhabi airports have been rated the best in the Middle East in a survey conducted by an online travel website.

“The Guide to Sleeping in Airports” website rating is based on comfort, convenience, cleanliness and customer service.

As a major international transit hub, Dubai has services in mind for travellers who want to sleep or just hang out in the airport. In addition to the free WiFi, the airport offers 24-hour pay-in lounges with showers and a health club, the website said.

The zzz Factor: All travellers have access to two rest zones that feature reclining seats with footrests. These rest zones are VERY popular and travellers complain that there are not enough seats. Come prepared to sleep on the floor just in case you don’t get a seat. There is also a transit hotel and snooze cubes if you prefer to sleep in privacy and don’t mind paying.

“There were soft armchairs which you were allowed to lie down on (Awesome!) and regular seats too. I was attempting to get one of these seats, but judging from the massive crowd waiting to enter the departure lounge, I gave up and went to my gate, “says Aviator in his comments on the website about Dubai airport.

Commenting about the hospitality at the Abu Dhabi airport, a reviewer olavoamaral said: “While I was sleeping on the floor, they actually apologized for making noise, and told me I could get a blanket from them at the transfer desk if I wished.” More info