Dubai becomes the world’s 5th city to apply Journey Planner



Dubai has become the fifth city in the world, following London, New York, Munich and Melbourne that applies Journey Planner; an initiative, billed as “Wojhati, launched by Public Transport Agency at Roads & Transport Authority (RTA)” in the first quarter of this year, which was well received by a wide segment of public transport users in Dubai.

Dubai metro
Dubai metro

“The Agency has added more than 14,000 landmarks, 34,000 commercial outlets, 1,919 bus stops (including bus stops of Metro Stations Feeder Service) in the emirate of Dubai to the database of the Journey Planner (Wojhati). Moreover, Journey Planner kiosks will be available at all Metro Stations in order to help the public (including citizens, residents and visitors) plan their journeys in advance in a smooth manner, and benefit from the integrated transport systems provided by the emirate of Dubai” said Essa Abdul Rahman Al Dosari, CEO of Public Transport Agency at RTA.
He added: “RTA has recently installed Journey Planner systems at all Metro Stations for the benefit of all public transport users, and Dubai has effectively become one of five cities in the world that apply the Journey Planner system.

“Provision of Journey Planners at all Metro stations makes it easy for commuters to use Wojahti in their mobility across the city of Dubai, and enables them plan their travels at any time without having to check their personal computers.

“The system displays information about the routes and schedules in a smooth manner that renders using Journey Planners installed at all metro stations very encouraging. Once the user enters the station number, the system displays various Dubai Metro lines together with Dubai Map simultaneously, and offers the user the option to customize the display of information in the way that suits his or her journey. The system also sets the position of the user within Dubai Map during the process of planning the journey” added Al Dosari.

Commenting on the mechanism of using Wojhati, Al Dosari said: “The system is easy to use, and the users have just to make a few simple steps for prior planning of their daily travels in the emirate of Dubai through public transport modes. The user has just got to log on to RTA website ( and insert the destination where he or she will obtain a list of journeys using various public transport modes including information about the journey, names of areas lying across the route, and other geographical information that help users arrive to their destinations on accurate timing”.

Latest electronic statistics reveal that the number of actual subscribers in Wojhati system exceeded 8 thousands and the daily average of new visitors is showing a 78% increase, and the number of telephone calls related to Wojhati received by RTA Call Center is more than 3,025 calls.