Dubai builds 13 new pedestrian bridges



The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai has constructed 13 new pedestrian bridges, bringing the total number of footbridges over key locations in Dubai to 87, including 34 bridges of the Metro stations.

Mattar Al Tayer, chairman of the Board and executive director of the RTA, said: “Works in the new pedestrian bridges project started in June 2012 and bridges have been designed at the highest international standards tailored to ensure the safety of road users.”

“Up to the end of last year, 80 pedestrian bridges have been constructed and in 2012 the RTA opened 2 pedestrian bridges; one on Abu Baker Al Siddique Road and the other at the Emirates Hills.

“In the past few years the RTA opened a number of footbridges on key Dubai roads. Bridges currently under construction span a variety of vital locations across the Emirate that have been selected in the light of traffic studies guided by the intensity of peoples movement between the two sides of roads, office and marts concentration areas, and locations witnessing high run-over accident rates (Black Points),” he added.

“Pedestrian bridges, particularly the ones designed in recent years, have several aesthetic features. Besides forming part of the distinctive features of Dubai Emirate, these crossings are fitted with modern electrical fixtures, and some of them are inspired by the designs of traditions and heritage icons of the UAE, others replicate the modern and stylish model of the city,” added Al Tayer.

“The RTA applies specific criteria in designing & constructing pedestrian bridges in Dubai Emirate through conducting traffic studies focused on population density of the area, road speed, services provided at both sides of the road, and the number of traffic accidents. The results concluded to in those studies are being translated into technical & traffic studies which might include pedestrian bridges or signalized pedestrian crossings. More info