Dubai businesses geared up for Expo 2020


By Alexander Cornwell, Staff Reporter

Dubai: Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) are prepared to get into high gear if Dubai is successful in its bid for Expo 2020.

Navin M. Valrani, chief executive of Leminar, an SME, said that €4.5 billion (Dh22.4 billion) earmarked for Expo 2020 infrastructure investment coupled with private sector initiatives would be a tremendous boost for Dubai.

Leminar is a Dubai-based air conditioning firm providing services to the construction sector.

A successful bid for Dubai — with the winner to be announced in November 2013 — is expected to attract foreign investment, companies, and human capital to the emirate.

Valrani said he is not fazed by the idea of more companies entering Dubai following a successful bid.

“The beauty of Dubai is that it has always been a competitive environment. It is an entrepreneur’s dream city,” he said.

However, Valrani said there would be challenges for smaller companies entering the market on the back of Expo 2020 because “it’s not always easy to get start-ups up and running.” More info