Dubai Canal: World Trade Centre-bound Sheikh Zayed Road diversion ready


By Majorie van Leijen

The second stage of Sheikh Zayed Road traffic diversion, which will shift six lanes in the direction of Dubai to a temporary 800-meter stretch is likely to be opened soon, as the temporary road looks ready to be used.

On October 25, the first stage of the diversion was opened, replacing 6 lanes of Sheikh Zayed Road in the direction of Abu Dhabi to a temporary road, stretching from Business Bay to Al Safa Park.

The empty lanes that had become available would soon make place for traffic diversion in the other direction, freeing six lanes adjacent to Business Bay for the first stage of construction of a bridge that is ultimately to span over Dubai Canal.

Although RTA said the diversion in the direction of Dubai was to be opened by end-November, this date has been passed and no new date has been announced for the expected start of the shift. However, works were carried out over the past weeks and now look to be near completion. More info