Dubai car rentals to be linked to RTA systems


By Staff

The Roads and Transport Authority has held its Customers Council at the RTA’s headquarters.

The event, held, was presided over by Ahmad Bahrozian, the agency’s CEO and Chairperson of the Customers Council.

Attendants also included Sultan Al-Kutbi, Director of Commercial Transport Activities Department, Ahmad Mahboob, Director of the Customer Service and Sheikha Al-Jarman, Director of Corporate Development and Performance, in addition to concerned customers.

The majority of attending car rental agency representatives asked that their agencies’ system be linked to the RTA’s traffic system so that all information of a given car can be accessed by merely entering its registration number.

Bahrozian replied by assuring the audience that this is exactly what is being pursued in cooperation with the competent authorities.

Bahrozian also introduced the newly launched e-portfolio service as a new means of payment that replaces the ordinary in-cash or credit card payments.

Through the new service, he explained, customers can create an electronic pre-paid account to get RTA’s full services. More info