Dubai Creek Harbour and The Tower at Dubai Creek Harbour. The new film teaser


The 120-second film teaser is an overview of the largest real estate project in the world, including the world’s tallest building, designed by renowned architect, Santiago Calatrava.

Black Rabbit Agency (BRAG), was appointed to handle the enormous task of producing a marketing film that satisfied the requirements of many stakeholders and overseeing client.

The CGI film was created using the following software;
Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya, SiNi Software, Vray, Marvellous Designer, Nuke, After Effects, Premiere, Shotgun.

Director – Nigel Hunt
Producer – Priyanka Balasubramanian
Account Manager – Mike Thornton
Production Manager – Vivek Joshi
Production Coordinator – Soulla Josephides
3D Production Coordinator – Ameet Muley

Visual Effects; Fernando Da Silva, Sylwia Koloszewska, Simon Donaghy, Karan Gazzard, Aaron Casey, Katie Malan.

Editor; Nigel Hunt
BRAG create content to engage global audiences for world-leading brands. Expertise in Real Estate, Film and Television.

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A new venture from Emaar Properties, Dubai Creek Harbour will be both a financially viable and ecologically responsible city built with future generations in mind. Offering the best infrastructure, it is a place where people will live, work and play, a community where families can reach their aspirations for generations to come.

While today’s Dubai is known for its superlatives — the tallest building, the largest mall, the highest standards of luxury—the metropolis of tomorrow will go beyond these to become a model for future global cities. Rivers and oceans have had a major influence on many cities around the world, with waterfront developments commanding a premium on value. Dubai Creek Harbour, will expand the city’s heart, enabling sustainable growth and reconnecting it to its roots.

Dubai Creek Harbour project sits abreast of Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, which has sheltered around 450 animal species within its 620 hectares for a quarter-century. As Dubai Creek Harbour develops, this sanctuary will remain sacrosanct, with a new visitor centre bringing a message of sustainable biodiversity to new generations.

Dubai Creek Harbour will be both a financially viable and ecologically responsible city, built with future generations in mind, using every innovation to minimise its environmental impact. This world-class development will offer spectacular views of the creek and Dubai skyline.

Planned on an open site, Dubai Creek Harbour will combine the city with the natural contours of the creek. With no legacy ties to infrastructure, this new Dubai will leapfrog many of the world’s other global cities. The masterplan is an order of magnitude larger than Downtown Dubai and will support its commercial and cultural development. The area encompasses commercial districts linked by leisure developments that expand into further residential neighbourhoods and parks that will ensure Dubai competes with the world.