Dubai has one car for every two residents



DUBAI: With more than 1 million registered vehicles serving 1.9 million population, Dubai has one car for every two residents , according to Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) 2010 data.

With the number of light motor vehicles at close to 900,000, that works out to about two cars for every man, woman and child residing in the emirate, among the world’s highest ratios.

According to RTA statistics, there were an additional 189,826 light vehicles and motorcycles registered in 2010 compared with 2009, taking the total number of such vehicles to 914,320 in 2010, 26 per cent more than the 724,494 vehicles registered in 2009.

Of these, light vehicles saw an increase of 183,257, or 25.7 per cent, while motorcycles saw a jump of 6,569, or 52.5 per cent, during the same period.

Overall, the number of all vehicles on Dubai roads has surged to 1,031,961 in 2010 or 22.6 per cent more than the 841,852 vehicles registered in 2009.