Dubai Mall named world's best for shopping experience


By Staff

Dubai Mall has ranked higher than London’s Regent Street, New York’s Fifth Avenue and the Champs-Elysees in Paris in terms of the overall quality of its retail facilities and amenities, according to the latest Global Retail Destination Index 2016 from Savills.

2bThe report measures the various retail attributes held by London’s West End and compares them to six other leading cities – Dubai, New York, Paris, Milan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

The Dubai Mall locations were based on their brand positioning in comparison to the key retail destinations in the West End. As a result, each strip of the mall – Star/Grand Atrium strip, Fashion Catwalk and Fashion Avenue – was treated like a ‘street’.

The report said: “Dubai is forecast to report the strongest growth in retail sales over the next five years of the seven global cities examined, potentially challenging London’s West End’s current global position.” More info