Dubai malls open food courts for non-fasters during Ramadan


By Sajila Saseendran

Dubai — It was 2pm on Thursday and the food court on level one at the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai was abuzz with people savouring a variety of cuisines.

1Yes, no doubt eating in public places is not allowed in Dubai during Ramadan. Yet, major malls here have found a way to cater to those not fasting during the day, especially tourists and kids.

They have kept their sprawling food courts open by covering the entrances to the food courts with huge boards mentioning that dining-in is allowed only for those not fasting.

“One can consume food only inside this designated area. It is not permitted to eat or drink in any of the mall’s corridors. In case a person is found eating in public places, legal action will be taken and fines will be levied,” reads the board covering the food court in Dubai Mall.

“Eating in this area is restricted to (the) non-fasting (people) and kids only, starting 12noon,” it adds.

The first part of the notice remains the same on the board in the Mall of the Emirates, which has left only one food court open. However, they have highlighted that the dine-in facility is for non-Muslims and kids only. More info