Dubai mall's sizzling rumor: New Porsche Design BlackBerry P9982 launching mid November



BlackBerry was out in full force  with fans lining up to meet Lewis Hamilton at their store in the Dubai Mall.

Pictured: Blackberry P9982 release in Dubai Mall (Photocredit: tbreak)While we don’t have any direct confirmation, talking to multiple people that deal with BlackBerry at the event yesterday revealed that a new BlackBerry phone is releasing soon.

We’ve also heard that a new Porsche Design phone is in the works and considering that the BlackBerry Z30 was just released, we are inclined to believe that what will be revealed will be the new Porsche Design model.

We also found out that BlackBerry is organising an event before the 20th of November so putting everything together, it appears that will be when the new phone is announced or launched.