Dubai masterplan on land allocation approved


By Parag Deulgaonkar

A 2020 masterplan for the city of Dubai has been approved by the Executive Council, which will clearly demarcate usage of land in the emirate, a senior government official has revealed.

Dubai metro
Dubai metro

“It is a masterplan for the city of Dubai. We have to know what we are going to do and what is our requirement for these lands and how we need to develop it,” Director-General of Dubai Municipality Hussain Nasser Lootah told Emirates24|7.

“This masterplan has taken all the aspects – residential, industrial, commercial, schools, hospital and even infrastructure – into consideration. We have taken it to the Executive Council and they approved it. We are leading the project and are cooperation and coordinating with government organisations and private developers.”

The new masterplan will define the land usage, which means that no one can build residential hi-rises on land that has been allocated for some other use.

“You can’t come to an area and say I want to make a high-rise building since the land use has been identified.”

Lootah stressed that Dubai was not just a real estate city and it was not right for people to concentrate only on real estate.

“Real estate is part of the city. We are developing, Dewa is developing big projects, RTA has completed the Metro and so many roads. We too have completed a huge sewage plant. We are building new public gardens and launching so many other projects. So it is not just real estate,” he added.