Dubai Metro: A cheap way to get around


By Mohammad Jihad, Community Web Editor

Dubai: Being on a student budget is tough. It’s hard when you have to count every dirham you spend.

That’s why many students in Dubai use the Dubai Metro to travel around. Let’s face it, it’s the cheapest way to get around.

Sabreen Abd Al Sakhi, a Sudanese national, uses the Metro every day to go to and from her summer job.

“It’s a good way for me to save money as it’s the cheapest and most reliable way to commute. This is the main reason I use it,” she told Gulf News.


Al Sakhi says she feels safe and knows that nothing bad is likely to happen to her on the Metro.

Along with safety, Paul Bathan’s reason for using the Metro to go to university every day is the cost.

It’s very popular amongst the students at his campus, but Bathan and his friends complain that there’s no Metro station nearby. The Filipino national said: “It suits our budgeted travel lifestyle so it makes sense to build a station nearby, so that students can take advantage of it.”

Jerusha Sequeira, a high school student, would have chosen the Metro as her form of transportation to school if the Oud Metha Station were open.

“The Metro is cheap so I would save a lot of money going to school,” she said, adding that her Metro commute would cost her less than half of the Dh250 she pays for the school bus every month.