Dubai Metro: Do not sneak into Gold Class


By Majorie van Leijen

If you were not informed by the Golden stickers, the spacious seating or the signage pointing out you have just entered the Gold Class cabin of Dubai Metro, a new pamphlet will remind you; a Dh100 fine is imposed on non-Gold card holders. 

2In other words, passengers travelling in the Gold Class without the means to pay for the upgraded Metro space will be fined. 

Travelling first class in Dubai Metro does not come for free. In fact, any trip in this cabin is double in price.

In return, the commuter gets extra leg space, more comfortable seating and most probably more available seating too as majority of the Metro passengers travel second class.

That is probably why it is not uncommon for some passengers to be found ‘sneaking into’ the first class zone.

“It is actually quite easy. All you have to do is check in with your silver Nol card and then enter the Gold Class cabin,” said a frequent Metro commuter BC.

However, times have changed and the crackdown on ‘Gold class scammers’ has been intensified.

Now, showing your card is no longer enough. More info