Dubai Metro etiquette: to roll or to stroll?


By Majorie van Leijen

Although it is nothing more than part of modern transport for some, for others Dubai Metro is a true phenomenon. And if a driverless train, self-opening doors and world-largest train track was not enough, the modern-day facility of Dubai even helps its commuters walk.

The horizontal escalator, or travelator as it has been dubbed, has become common ground for Metro users but is far from usual for metro network. Only the largest and busiest metropolises in the world apply similar systems, usually extending over long distances, such as in the underground network of Hong Kong or at London Heathrow Airport.

When the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) visualized the metro system for the emirate, it was determined to provide with a first-class system outstanding in user friendliness and efficiency.

At the Metro stations with the longest walking distances, the travelator assists the commuter in making his way into or out of the station. In some cases, two multiple travelators have been installed to provide ultimate comfort from beginning to end.

But how important do commuters find this luxury? Emirates24|7 hopped on board of the metro and asked its passengers about their opinion.

As we depart from Business Bay metro station, we meet the 54-year-old Farzana Abbdeen. She is crossing Sheikh Zayed Road using the footbridge, however, due to maintenance work the travelator is temporarily out of service. More info