Dubai Metro fare hike: Do commuters care?


By Majorie van Leijen

From this month onwards, public transportation users in Dubai are paying a little more for their trip. How has this affected their opinion about using public transportation?

Some have considered it a drastic change while others have neutrally accepted the hike. This may depend on the travel behaviour, as the increase hasn’t been standard across different kinds of trip.

“This hike has quite an impact on my budget. Making the trip twice per day adds up to Dh20 a day, and Dh100 per week. Before the hike, I used to spend Dh80 per week on public transportation,” says Monique.

While the difference was obvious for her, it was less bothersome for Sanjeev Shah, an Indian commuter travelling between Bur Dubai and Business Bay on the Silver Class. “The increase made the trip more expensive by 40 fils per day. I do not see this as a big difference,” he commented. More info