Dubai Metro Gold Class Cabin attracts various community segments as the number of Nol Gold Card users hit 67k



The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has sold 67,184 Nol Gold Cards to the commuters on Dubai Metro’s Gold Class Cabin since the launch of the Metro service on 090909 up to the end of March 2010 at a monthly average of 9,592 Nol Gold cards.

1According to the Director of RTA Rail Operation Dep’t Ramadan Abdullah, the Gold Class Cabin of Dubai Metro is subject to a high public uptake as passengers are showing growing desire to take seats in the Gold coach, thanks to the multiple benefits offered to passengers on board.

The growing public trend to commute on the Gold Cabin is fuelled by the fascinating features that characterize it such as the convenient and limited number of seats (18 only), the added privacy, and the ample room available for standing passengers (48 passengers).

“The total number of passengers on board the Gold Cabin is limited and to get a vacant seat is subject to the number of passengers on board the Cabin. Each passenger has the option to stand till a seat becomes vacant by the disembarkation of a passenger, or wait for the next journey. As of 15 April this year, the service is being run at 6-8 minutes headway (train frequency) and during the waiting time passengers can utilize the existing service outlets such as the retail shops, cafes, restaurants, and convenient stores offering added comfort and relaxation to passengers in addition to other services such as newspapers and miscellaneous personal and consumer items” continued Ramadan.

He further added: “Attracting considerable numbers of commuters is a testament to the high class of this Cabin of Dubai Metro; which is providing a continuous service during the week. It operates 196 journeys during each weekday from Saturday to Thursday (from 06 am up to 11 pm) in both directions (98 journeys in each direction), and 112 journeys on Friday (from 02 pm to midnight) in both directions (56 journeys in each direction).