Dubai Metro – Ibn Batutta to Jebel Ali + Additional Scenes


Finally, since March 11, the Jebel Ali station has opened. There has been tons of feedback from several workers that work or live in Jebel Ali, since they now have the possibility to easily travel with the metro to the city center, instead of always having to take the bus or a taxi.

Where I read the news, I thought all 3 still closed stations, Energy, Jebel Ali Industrial, and Jebel Ali, would open, though only during the drive I noticed that only the Jebel Ali station opened. To that, it opened without southern access. And adding to that, only one platform is accessable, and is used for both train termination and trip resume to Rashidiya, since Jebel Ali is the last stop on the red line. So what happens, is the passengers can normally exit and enter the train at the same platform, which is usually the termination platform. Then the train changes tracks with the passengers and starts with full speed in direction Rashidiya.

Don’t ask me why the RTA has done this that way.
In the first scene the train attendant, there is one in each train, turned off the station announcements until shortly before the Jebel Ali station. Reason for that is because the Energy, and Jebel Ali Industrial stations would still be announced, even though they are not opened. This could cause a bit of confusion. You can here what it sounds like when the announcements are kept on in the last scene, where I was in a different train. Overall, it was an interesting trip.

Dubai Metro – The world’s longest driverless metro system.
Currently one line open, the red line, with 2 stations unused by now.
Green line is said to be opened in September, according to a station attendant at Jebel Ali.