Dubai Metro – In 2D (3D) (Focus on Special Needs Passengers)


The 3D version of this video can be seen here:

This video is shot hand-held with a 3D camera, as part of a location scouting trip for an upcoming PSA (public service announcement) video in 3D. Part of the focus is on the Dubai Metro’s ease of use for travelers with special needs. From ramps for wheel chairs, to easy access ticket counters and wide fare gates, Dubai Metro has been built, taking into account the needs of ALL travelers on the metro.

There are elevators, Tactile Guidance paths, and Audible and visual announcement systems to cater to the needs of all people.
The train coaches themselves have spaces for Wheelchairs. The metro platforms have direct access to many of the bigmalls directly. This encourages special needs passengers to use the metro and explore the city.

technical: This video was shot hand held with a 3D camera, and is NOT in proper sync.
Due to limitations faced (No tripods without permissions, and the fact that the 3D camera itself looks un-conventional, we would have needed permissions to setup every shot and check for sync and convergence etc) 3D does draw attention! We use this portable 3D rig for location scouting only. The rushes are used later back in the studio to Visualize the final look and feel of the 3D film.)

Music score has been substituted with a random track from Youtube. Song: back on Trail. Artiste: Llewellyn