Dubai Metro is great but could be improved…



I have been riding the Metro pretty much since it was launched this year. It has made my everyday life much easier and cheaper and I am looking forward to when all of the stations open in February next year (touch wood!) as it should make life even easier.

Dubai metro
Dubai metro

I am to be honest a big fan and despite a few teething problems normal service seems to have been established well on the Metro. I have just a few comments that I want to put out there and see if they get on anyone else’s nerves. Firstly, the no food and drink rule.

I know it’s Dubai’s shinny new toy and the authorities seem to want to keep the just-out-of-the-box freshness about it, but come on it’s a train system, not a Persian rug. Reading newspapers, and having the odd snack on the train when you didn’t have time to grab breakfast in the morning or grabbing that much needed morning caffeine hit on the way to work – that just makes sense.

I also feel for the kiosks that have forked out a fortune in rent only to watch customers float by as they know they will be fined if they buy any produce to have on board. Secondly, that dam musak tune.

I think it is slowly driving me insane, or at least turning me into a window-staring drone.

Seriously, whose bright idea was it to have the same tune blaring out over and over and over again?

Give them a raise!

Plus, don’t get me started on how loud the station announcements are.

Seriously, there is only one operational line. Is it really that hard to figure out? And my last moan before I head for the station and hop on the train that I, honestly, really do enjoy riding – the station waiting time. Why does the train need to stop at every station for what seems like five minutes?

Nowhere else in the world does this seem needed. Anyway, let me know if I am not alone on this or if I am a moaning ninny.  

Mark K