Dubai Metro jam-packed? Max occupancy of 643 per train not yet reached: RTA


By Majorie van Leijen

The total number of passengers using the Dubai Metro in 2012 amounted to 109.491 million, the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) announced this week.

Dubai Metro
Dubai Metro

Compared to the previous year, this means an increase of nearly 20 per cent.

Emirates 24|7 asked if this would lead to any adjustments to the preferred public transport means of Dubai.

The peak hour frequency lasts from 6.30-9am, and 4.30-8 pm, while it is extended to 9pm during weekends.

“We have carried out inspections and this seems to have solved the congestion in Dubai Metro during peak hours.

“But we review the situation every other two weeks, and we will adjust the frequency as needed,” Ramadan guarantees.

The same goes for the total Metro space.

“Currently, one train can carry 643 people. This means 4 people per sqm, in line with international standards. More info