Dubai Metro lifts 45k passengers on Monday



Statistics compiled by Rail Agency at Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai revealed that 48,136 passengers have been lifted by Dubai Metro on Monday (Sept 28), across 10 stations on the Red Line.

The Director of Marketing & Corporate Communication Dep’t at RTA Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector Peyman Younes Parham stated: “Statistics coming from Rail Agency speak volumes; particularly noting that the metro ridership has hit the one million milestone in a record time (16 days only); which is unprecedented in public transport field in the emirate of Dubai. This reflects the huge public uptake of the metro and gives a massive boost towards realizing RTA vision of providing Safe & Smooth Transport for All.

“We have managed to get the message across to the metro commuters i.e. to maintain the safety of all. Compliance with the guidance of station staff has also contributed to maintaining the security and order of users, particularly during peak hours. This is particularly important in avoiding thronging the stations during the boarding and alighting processes, or changing the service timing. Passengers are required to see to it that their card balances are topped up when making multi-zone travels” he continued.

Peyman also offered some tips to the users of the metro and the station calling on them to plan their journeys in advance, and link their journeys with other transport modes in order to achieve integrated public transport. He also advised travelers to have their Nol card balances topped up to avoid waiting for extending periods to complete this process, particularly during peak time.