Dubai Metro online Nol top-up may take 48 hours


By Majorie Van Leijen

If you are planning a trip on public transportation in Dubai and you would like to use the online top-up facility to (re)charge your Nol card, it is important to complete this transaction at least two days in advance, or you might find yourself in front of closed doors.

The Nol card is the payment method used for almost all public transportation means in the emirate. Apart from the option to recharge the card at the point of departure, the top up can be done online, using a debit or credit card.

However, a 48-hour period should be taken in consideration as the new Nol card balance may not be immediately updated.

“All Metro gates and parking meters may take up to 48 hours to receive your top up request made through Nol eServices,” reads a notice on the website where the online deposit can be done.

“We are working on a system where all the machines will be online and can instantly update the Nol balance when customers tap their card on it,” said Khalid Al Awadhi, Director of the Automatic Collections System (ASC) at the Road and Transport Authority (RTA). More info