Dubai Metro scoops award for privacy standards



The Dubai Metro has been commended for privacy by users as well as the organisers of regional awards for excellency rendering it to scoop the ‘Best Transport Project Quality Award’ in the Middle East.

Dubai metroThe award ceremony was held by the Middle East Business Intelligence (MEED) in the GCC countries in recognition of the excellent projects in the region.

The UAE won the lion share in the awards distribution ceremony as it scooped five key awards including winning of the Dubai Metro of the Best Transport Sector Award, Burj Khalifa winning the ‘Best Building Project Award.’ The organisers announced the Metro has realised “the excellence and privacy standards required for users.”

“The award boosts the value, culture of excellence and quality of projects, offers participants exposure to the best practices in all GCC countries in the fields of building, urban construction, engineering, sustained development, architectural engineering, and economic and social planning.”

The awards distribution ceremony was held at the Dubai International Financial Centre in the presence of executives and representatives of leading private sector organisations in the region.

The CEO of Rail Agency at the RTA, Adnan Al Hammadi, praised the new achievement made by the Dubai Metro for scooping this prestigious award.