Dubai Metro station set to open at Jebel Ali Free Zone


By A. Samuel

The National has reported that the Dubai Metro’s Jebel Ali Free Zone station is set to open this friday (11 March).

Jebel Ali stationThe Jebel Ali Free Zone is a free economic zone located in the Jebel Ali area of Dubai. The Roads and Transport Authority, have said that during peak hours, the station will operate services every 5-8 minutes in the morning rush. It is thought the station could serve up to 40,000 people who live in the area and up to 129,000 people who commute into the area for work.

The latest station added to the Dubai Metro’s Red Line marks the end of the line and has been designed to accommodate 11,000 commuters per hour in each direction.

Chairman of the Board at RTA stated that the “Jebel Ali station is mainly intended to serve the Jebel Ali area and in particular the Free Zone and the Jebel Ali Port.”

The RTA have said they plan to operate 27 trains in the morning rush hours and 29 in the evening.

According to the RTA, the current average daily ridership on the Dubai Metro is 149,000.