Dubai Metro to impose fines on commuters who run, jostle



DUBAI: Commuters running and jostling to catch the Metro trains in Dubai will face the music, authorities have warned.

6Dubai Metro authorities said they will slap fines on travellers who are caught running at platforms to catch trains.

According to Ramadan Abdullah, director of rail operations at the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), such acts pose a danger to other travellers as well as to property.

“Commuters making use of Dubai Metro should avoid running to catch trains and will be fined if they are caught doing so,” the official said.

There have already been cases of some commuters being slapped with a fine for running inside the station to catch a train.

“We advise passengers not to run in the stations or the platform because trains come every six minutes during peak hours and every eight minutes during off-peak hours,” said Abdullah.

Abdullah, however, said that any commuter who has objection against any fine issued by the Metro inspectors has the right to complain to the RTA.

“We have closed circuit cameras installed at the stations, on the tracks and even inside the trains with recording facility for up to 28 days and can always find out whether the fine slapped was right or wrong,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Metro project has announced the opening of three more stations bringing the number of operational stations to 21 out of the planned 29. The remaining eight stations will open gradually in the coming months by the end of this year.