Dubai Metro users call for reduced night fare



Dubai Metro users have suggested increasing its speed and more entertainment on board the metro cars to make journey comfortable, Roads and Transport Authority said.

Dubai metroIt was also suggested to reconsider to extend the metro operation timings during weekends and official holidays to 1 am. The public also suggested about taking measures capable of reducing the transit time from Al Rashidiya Station to Ibn Battuta Station and accelerating the metro speed as the trip currently takes about 75 minutes. There was also a suggestion for the introduction of a one-day Nol card.

The suggestions came during a meeting of the Customers Council of the RTA, part of the transport authority’s effort to improve the public transport network in Dubai.

The metro customers also recommended entertainment on board the metro cars such as running radio transmission to check news, music and ads as well as educative campaigns offering more education to the public. It was also suggested to utilise the on board speakers and monitors to promote commercial campaigns, utilising the monitors to educate the public through displaying the metro journey details, operation timings, Nol cards and procedures and regulations enforced against offenders.

Dubai Metro users also called for reconsidering the entry and exit of passengers from and to the metro in order to avoid congestion and disrupting the movement in the area. Another suggestion was made for placing giant screens outside the metro stations educating the public on the key locations in the vicinity of the station such as mosques and hospitals among other destinations of concern to travelers and tourists.

“One customer made a suggestion for deploying buses featuring the metro logo to be run from 01.00 am to 06.00 am shuttling through the same metro lines as alternative to the metro during the period of no metro service,” RTA statement said.

Another suggestion was made calling for revising the fare through offering a reduced night fare in order to make it a suitable alternative for the public, particularly after ceasing the operation of the metro and bus service. A suggestion was made calling for coordination with the Dubai Health Authority to deploy some first aid specialists such that they are constantly available at stations and on board the metro cars. This could be achieved through training and qualifying a group of staff who could be visibly distinctive and easily recognizable. A suggestion was made to give more concentration on educating the students of lower /elementary school grades on the significance and positivity of public transport with the aim of fostering an educated generation appreciative of the importance of public transport and capable of keeping pace with the social and living developments in future.