Dubai Metro WiMax Complete


By Elizabeth Dickey

Cairo-based Mobiserve just announced that Dubai’s WiMax metro network has been completed and implemented.

Dubai metro
Dubai metro

Commuters will have internet access on all Wi-Fi enabled devices including smartphones and laptops, with average broadband speeds at stations reaching 4Mbps and backhaul speed onboard trains reaching 2Mbps. Installed by Du, this network is the first mobile WiMax network to be launched in the United Arab Emirates.

Mobiserve, a solution providers for telecommunication and engineering services, started working on the project in June of 2009 and was able to complete implementation on over 20 stations city wide over the course of three months.

“As the Middle East’s first rail line Wi-Fi enabled network, Dubai Metro’s WiMax network marks a real evolution in Dubai’s transport by giving commuters truly mobile Internet while traveling on the go,” said Sameh Atalla, CEO of Mobiserve.