Using Dubai Metro

A modern fully automated rail system with red and green lines. Both lines have state-of-art modern designs, providing many great features for general public, including retail outlets, wi-fi connectivity, ATM machines, easy accessibility for disabled passengers. It has an extensive network connection to public transport buses and taxis, in addition to many other exciting features.

The Red Line, which runs from Rashidiya Station to UAE Exchange Station, consists of 29 stations and offers free multistory vehicle parking for public transport users at Rashidiya Station and Nahkeel Harbour & Tower station. The Green Line, which has 18 stations, runs from Etisalat Station, where it provides park and ride facility, it passes all the way reaching the oldest and busiest souqs along the creek, the Dubai Healthcare City and Jaddaf area as well.  Both lines meet at two interchange stations which are Union Station and BurJuman Station.


• 47 stations, 9 underground
• 2 transfer stations (Union Square and Khalid Bin Waled)
• 87 trains in the metro system
• 75 kilometres total
• Train signaling: Fully-automated operation by Thales Rail Signaling Solution, minimum
headway of 90 seconds
• Train run:
o Saturday to Thursday: from 6am to 11pm
o Friday: from 2pm to midnight
o During Ramadan – Saturday to Thursday: from 6am to midnight
o During Ramadan – Friday: 2pm to midnight


• 5-car trains
• Each train can accommodate 643 passengers, seated and standing
• The 5 cars on each train are split into 3 classes: Gold (VIP) class (1car), Women and
children (1car), Silver class (3 cars)
• Gold class has 18 seats and is furnished with luxorious interior and leader rating
• Women and children class has space for strollers and bags
• Silver class is finished in a combination of blues and greens
• Driverless operation
• Trained wardens to accompany passengers to help with emergencies
• Seating arranged in a variety of ways, giving passengers the choice between Windows views and chatting with friends
• All train cars have reserved wheelchair spaces for those with special needs
• Policy of priority rating for elderly, injured, special needs and pregnant passengers
• Variety of safety device on trains, including closed circuit television


Every station will have bus connections, taxi pickup and places to lock bicykles
• All stations have escalators and lifts where neccessary
• There is a station every 1.5 km on average
• Station types: Type 1 at grade, Type 2 regular elevated, Type 3 special elevated, Underground
• Station Themes: Earth (12 stations), Water (13 stations), Air (11 stations), Fire (11 stations)
• Roof shape is inspired by pearl diving heritage of the UAE