Dubai Metro’s 2020 track: Green Line to Academic City; Red Line to World Expo site


By Staff

Close to 421 kilometers by the year 2030. That is the goal for the Dubai RTA’s Rail Agency in terms of total distance covered by trains in emirate.

Dubai Metro
Dubai Metro

Speaking to the Al Roya newspaper Adnan Al Hammadi, CEO, RTA’s Rail Agency, said that 197 passenger stations, served by six Dubai Metro lines as well, will eventually be established.

The plan includes three stages and by 2020, when population growth is expected to be 3.1 million people, the length of the rail network by 24.1 kilometres, and the Green Line will go from Jadaf to Dubai Academic City.

Four lines are under construction, while the other two Metro lines (Red and Green) are already in service and will be increased.

“Work on these lines will be subject to public-private partnership, which aims to involve the private sector in financing, construction and management,” he said.

Here are excerpts from the interview:

The RTA has set a strategic plan extends until 2030 to increase the train services in Dubai. What are the most important features of such a strategy?

The RTA has prepared and adopted a general plan for the future rail network needed by Dubai until 2030.

The RTA has priorities of implementation of such plans where it based on the expectations of urban growth in the emirate, which returned significantly over the past two years.

The total population of the emirate of Dubai is anticipated to be 6.1 million by 2030.

The plan includes proposals to create new lines of the Dubai Metro project, including Violet, Blue, Golden and Purple, in addition to the extension of the Red and Green lines, to cover new areas.

The total length of railway lines needed to keep pace with the urban development which the emirate will witness it by 2030 would be about 421 km with 197 stations. More info