Dubai ready for Salman Khan double bill with ‘Dabangg 2’ shoot


By Bindu Suresh Rai

The last time Salman Khan shot a film here, the Dubai Metro came to a standstill.

Who knows what could happen this time around if the rumours circulating in the Bollywood circles are true.

News is, Khan and the makers of ‘Dabangg 2’ are jetting back to UAE on November 17 or 18 for special song shoot with Sonakshi Sinha.

Titled ‘Sanson Ki Dor’, the romantic song between the film’s lead pair is expected to repeat the magic of two years ago, when Khan and Sinha were spotted romancing across Dubai for the song ‘Chori Kiya Re Jiya’.

According to insiders, film director and Khan’s younger brother Arbaaz Khan has confirmed this news to close circle of the crew.

On Salman Khan’s fan page on Facebook, a source has been quoted to say: “That [song] will also mark a wrap for ‘Dabangg 2’. This is the same song, which was earlier supposed to be shot at Ireland.

“However the idea was dropped due to poor weather conditions.

“Later Turkey was an option considered as well. Now Arbaaz Khan has settled for Gulf. Shooting would most likely take place in Abu Dhabi or Dubai.”

This track will be lead actress Sinha’s turn to shine, considering “Dabangg 2” is expected to have not one, but two item songs: “Fevicol”, which features Kareena Kapoor and “Pandey Ji Mare Seeti” that is expected to see Malaika Arora Khan making a special appearance.

The film is set to release on Christmas this year, with the trailer debuting online on November 11, with an extended one to release with “Son Of Sardar” two days later. More info

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