Dubai ride-hailing app Koi relaunches as limousine service

App started as Uber and Careem competitor, but is now tackling a common issue in the travel sector

Koi co-founder Ghassan Muradweiji

After over a year of operations, Dubai-based ride-hailing app Koi has relaunched as a limousine service, connecting car providers with online travel agencies in the city.

Speaking to Arabian Business, co-founder Ghassan Muradweiji said the tech start-up could not adapt to tough competition with giants Uber and Careem but that it could succeed in tackling a common challenge in the travel industry.

“We believed in the vision that the large e-hailing companies were following and the disruption they were creating by having a car at your door step in minutes… however, we realised Koi could solve a bigger problem that the travel industry (online and traditional) was facing with the limousine business,” he said.

“Today, most of the agencies have high tech websites and mobile apps for their customers, and are always moving forward in terms of technology. But they still fail to provide good transportation service due to the lack of technology available with their car providers,” he added.

Today, Koi provides seamless technology to connect limousine companies with online travel agencies, and deliver better customer experience.

Muradweiji added that the start-up is no longer in competition with Uber and Careem, as it caters to a different market. More

By Lubna Hamdan