Dubai roads authority to launch NoL Silver Cards on Thursday


    Dubai: The Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai announced the launch of NoL Silver Cards, which is scheduled to go on sale from Thursday, August 20.

    Commuters can make unlimited use of all modes of public transport, including the Dubai Metro, public buses and water buses by purchasing a Nol pass.

    Nol Silver Card has an e-purse rechargeable up to Dh500, and the journey fare is calculated automatically based on the fare table. This card can be purchased from any ticket booth and some ticket vending machines at a price of 6 dirham for the card and an initial balance of Dh14 dirham rechargeable. It is valid for five years.

    The cards will not be functional until the official launch of Dubai Metro.

    Children under five years old will travel free while students and senior citizens (aged 60 and above) will get special discounted cards.

    How to use NoL card

    1) Nol cards are contactless cards.
    2) Card-reading machines will be installed at the entry and exit points of the metro stations platforms. 

    3) A passenger has to check in at the start of the journey and check out at the end of the journey by tagging the Nol card on the card-reading machines attached to the metro platform entry and exit point gates.

    4) All the public buses will also have the card readers installed.

    5) Fares will be deducted automatically.