Dubai RTA delays Tecom parking permits



Dubai: Tecom motorists will have to wait for another month to receive their special parking permits as the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) delays activation of the parking reservation system in the area, Gulf News has learnt.

According to RTA’s new parking control system in three Tecom areas of Media City, Internet City and Knowledge Village, metered paid parking was introduced on streets from January 15, while off-street parking (big parking lots) would be available only for permit-holders.

The authority, in association with the Tecom management, began accepting applications for the special parking permits issued only for firms based in the area, and the system was scheduled to be active from March 13, which has now been delayed until April 13.

“We are working with Tecom authorities to redesign the zones and work is under way to define those. We have already put up signs on many parking lots and before April 13 we will get all work done and activate the system,” said Adel Al Marzouqi, speaking to Gulf News.

The three free zone areas have been divided into four zones — S1, S2, S3 and S4 — and parking permits issued for a particular zone won’t be valid for the other.

“Parking permit will be issued in the name of the firms and it will be valid for the zone in which a company is located. There are only limited spaces and we will be issuing the permits according to the spaces available. People with the permit for Zone S1 won’t be allowed to park in another zone,” he said.

So far, authorities have received around 1,000 applications and the permits will be issued with the activation date of April 13; until then parking in the big lots will be free. More info