Dubai RTA staff to train for ICDL


By Mark Sutton

Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced a deal to train at least 100 of its employees in the accredited International Computer Driving Licence IT literacy certification.

The ICDL training aims to boost computer literacy of RTA employees (illustration). (Getty Images)
The ICDL training aims to boost computer literacy of RTA employees (illustration). (Getty Images)

The deal was signed with the National Institute for Vocational Education (NIVE), an accredited International Computer Driving Licence centre and an autonomously managed organization affiliated with the Knowledge and Human Development Authority, (KHDA), to boost the IT competencies of RTA employees.

The Enrolled RTA personnel will complete four of the seven ICDL modules, covering areas such as files, databases and word processing,  to obtain ICDL-Start certification. The programme has been implemented to ensure that public employees have the necessary skills to use computers and the internet and thus contribute to the success of the emirate’s e-governance agenda.

“For almost a decade, the Dubai Government has embraced ICDL’s philosophy of ICT skills for all and has made IT competency a requirement among its personnel. We commend the RTA for its support of IT literacy, as this will help its employees enhance their skills and boost their confidence in the use of IT while furthering their integration within the organisation. For the RTA, this initiative means better alignment with Dubai’s strategic plans, particularly its progress towards a Knowledge Economy,” said Jamil Ezzo, director general of the ICDL GCC Foundation.

“Moreover, this program will have a positive spill over effect on the community as well, as it helps support the national economy by improving IT literacy, paving the way to a more equitable society, empowering citizens and facilitating the move to an IT-enabled society,” added Ezzo. More info