Dubai Taxi cabs staff raise funds for charity



In the context of the Cooperation Agreement signed between Dar Al-Ber Society and the Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC), Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), employees and cabdrivers of DTC have recently donated funds for carrying a host of charitable projects in a number of Islamic countries.

Projects funded in this regard include drilling 8 wells and fitting them with electric, manual and artesian pumps in the Sudan, Somalia, Azerbaijan, Senegal, Mauritania, India, Togo and Palestine, in addition to constructing two reservoirs with a capacity of 250 gallons each in Somalia and Sri Lanka, and two water coolers in Indonesia and Togo.

Dr. Yousef Al Ali, CEO of DTC said, “These funds were raised following the launch of DTC’s annual Solidarity “Takatuf” initiative aimed at raising funds from employees and cabbies and committing them for charitable projects in coordination with Dar Al-Ber Society. Donations and funds raised for the projects agreed to are collected from the cash collection boxes distributed within the premises of the DTC as per the applicable financial principles & systems. They are then deposited in a fund set by the DTC for charitable projects inside or outside the UAE as agreed to and as directed by the DTC in this regard.

“The DTC has already contributed funds for the construction of: “DTC staff and drivers mosque in Tanzania” in 2011 under the Takatuf initiative. This year the DTC kicked off the Charity Wells project under the same initiative to raise funds for drilling wells in a number of Islamic countries, which was well received by staffs and cabbies.

“The DTC is keen on extending charitable and humanitarian support to the project of Dar Al-Ber Society as it pins high confidence in delivering the project to perfection and at high standards of quality & follow-up. The DTC circulates internal memos to employees to keep them informed and urge them, as well as cabdrivers, to interact with the projects, initiative and events undertaken or completed under the Solidarity initiative by the year end. It also gives them a briefing about each project to highlight its nature and coordinate the required support to the Society to make these various initiatives a success and present them in a decent manner,” explained Al Ali.

Dar Al-Ber Society thanked the DTC and commended its initiative and the cooperation of staffs & cabdrivers for their kind funding of the Society’s projects in the UAE and aboard. It called on individuals, business leaders and civil community organizations to cooperate and lend support to the charitable and humanitarian projects of the Society.