Dubai Taxi Corporation unveils new identity encompassing innovative corporate values

Dubai Taxi Corporation unveils new identity encompassing innovative corporate values
Dubai Taxi Corporation unveils new identity encompassing innovative corporate values

RTA’s Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) has unveiled a new corporate identity aligned with Dubai Government’s innovative drive and transformation to the Smart Government.

The identity is focused on achieving the prime goal of enjoyable mobility, and accordingly will maximize the happiness of residents, tourists and visitors of the Emirate. 

The new identity was revealed during the annual gathering of DTC’s strategic partners and suppliers hosted at Sofitel Dubai The Palm Hotel. Attendees included Abdul Mohsin Ibrahim Younes, CEO of Rail Agency cum Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Dubai Taxi Corporation (not sure of this designation); and Dr. Yousef Al Ali, CEO of Dubai Taxi Corporation. Several officials from RTA and DTC as well as representatives of public and private entities were also present. 

“The endorsement of DTC’s new identity is in line with Dubai Government Plan 2021 for innovation and smart transition. The new identity is built on several strategic goals namely anticipating the future, smart mobility, excellent operation, people happiness and financial sustainability,” said Dr Yousef Al Ali, CEO of Dubai Taxi Corporation, in a speech delivered during the event.

The new identity reflects six values DTC is seeking to realise at different levels including employees, drivers and clients. These values are summarised in Excellence through high-quality services, Innovation through nurturing a competitive environment between employees to contribute ideas for service development, and Sustainability through introducing environmental-friendly transit means. It also includes Competitiveness through strategies to nurture integrated corporate competitiveness, Teamwork which is one of the success factors, and Happiness and Positive Energy; recompensating the values embedded by DTC. 

The name of DTC remains in the new identity unchanged, and the logo will contain the initials of the Dubai Taxi Corporation as it is easy for clients to remember. Blue is the main identity theme colour, resembling confidence and modernity.

Different grades red constitute an auxiliary color resembling the vibrant life and positive energy characterising DTC. It is also linked to the basic colour of RTA’s identity theme. 

“The shapes and technical symbols associated with the new identity are derived from Dubai’s map used in designing layouts of vital areas, and as such reflect the advancement of DTC’s communication and advertising.

The symbols also establish a mental and psychological link between the new identity and clients, and accordingly contribute to the realisation of DTC’s vision; “Pioneers in Safe, Reliable and Smart Transport Services.”

Al Ali thanked the strategic partners for their efforts in supporting DTC and coaxing a series of achievements in 2018 thanks to the excellent partnership reflecting innovation, cooperation and determination. More info