Dubai Taxi explains mechanism of incentivizing and rewarding



The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC), Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), is always keen on recognizing the efforts of its outstanding cabdrivers, encouraging them to do their best, and urging other drivers to follow suit in order to best represent the RTA, and serve as ambassadors to all customers hailing from various community segments.

By giving such recognition, the DTC aims at motivating & supporting cabdrivers, raising their sense of belonging & loyalty, and encouraging them to improve customer service experience as well as enhancing their corporate satisfaction.

Yousef Al Ali, Acting CEO of Dubai Taxi Corporation, said: “We are currently adopting a top-notch and effective incentive & reward system to honor distinguished cabdrivers. This system includes different types of rewards bestowed on cabdrivers, they are: Cabdrivers Performance Evaluation Reward, Distinguished Cabdriver Reward, Traffic Safety Reward, Long Service Reward, Amanaty Reward, Unsung Hero Reward, and Mystery Shopper Reward.”

“This regulation applies to the DTC cabdrivers, and the time frequency of the rewards is set according to the type of each. Candidate winners of the reward should satisfy the requirements specified in this regulation. The total value of rewards amounts to two million dirhams a year and will be awarded according to an accumulated points system covering several aspects, including; driver’s income, kilometers traveled, traffic offences, accidents, and quality offences,” continued Al Ali.

“The system aims at developing a set of objectives at the top of which is  improving the service rendered by drivers to passengers, introducing  an effective system to assess cabbies’ daily performance, reducing the number of incidents, as well as rectifying & streamlining poor-performing cabbies, and honoring the distinguished ones,” added Al Ali.

“Since the RTA is always keen on rendering superior service to customers from various community segments, DTC will work on rehabilitating poorly performing taxi drivers by subjecting them to training courses to step up a gear and correct their mistakes, and at the same time punishment may be as severe as terminating the service of cabdrivers whose offences go beyond the permissible limits,” said Al Ali, adding that the RTA views drivers as ambassadors due to their close & daily contact with customers from various community segments.

“DTC adopts an effective system to monitor the speed of all cabs operating in Dubai as all of them have speed control devices installed onboard, besides the GPS tracking them via satellites to protect the lives of drivers, passengers and road users alike.