Dubai Taxi honours 30 distinguished cabbies



The event is held under the patronage of Buhaira National Insurance Co.

The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC), Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), has recently honoured 30 distinguished drivers under its “Traffic Safety Awards 2012” presented by Buhaira National Insurance Company for the third year in a row with the aim of heightening the awareness of cabbies about the safe driving on the one hand, and raising the operational efficiency of the DTC on the other.

In a speech delivered in a ceremony held in this regard at the Meydan Hotel in Dubai, Dr. Yousef Al Ali, CEO of PTA, said: “I’m pleased to reiterate DTC’s attention and commitment to develop new and innovative programs & initiatives targeting drivers with the aim of raising their satisfaction, and imparting them with all-round training before deploying them to perform their duties as we view them as ambassadors of the RTA to the public and the DTC is the best party to undertake and carry out this policy & methodology.

These initiatives include awarding honest drivers on monthly basis, honouring distinguished cabbies under the Cabdrivers Assessment System on quarterly basis,  and felicitating cabdrivers with distinguished service among others. A two million dirham sum is being budgeted annually as rewards for distinguished cabbies.

“Honouring these drivers is made under the Traffic Safety Awards launched by the DTC in 2009 as an initiative rolled out by Your Safety team with a purse of 360 thousand dirham divided into three categories: Golden category award amounting to 5,000 dirham with a Certificate of Appreciation, Silver category award amounting to 4,000 dirham and a Certificate of Appreciation, and Bronze category award amounting to 3,000 dirham and a Certificate of Appreciation. This Award aims to recognize ideal drivers in the light of specific criteria in the context of assessing cabbies and educating them on the requisites of safe driving, and enhancing the operational efficiency of the DTC,” continued the CEO of  PTA.

“When the Team was set up in 2009, accidents rate was 0.60 per 100 thousand kilometers done i.e. 6 of each 10 taxicabs are vulnerable to accidents, but now this rate has dipped to only 0.26 per 100 thousand kilometers covered; which is an epic achievement that ought to be decorated,” added Al Ali.

The CEO of the PTA lauded the cooperation of the Buhaira National Insurance Company and its continued patronage of these awards, and commended their participation in the different awareness campaigns made by the DTC with the aim of raising the awareness of cabdrivers as regards road safety, cutting traffic accidents, and boosting the satisfaction of cabdrivers as well as customers alike. He also commended the efforts of Your Safety team and all others who contributed to the success of this Award.

In a related development, Yousef Mohammed Salih, Director of Fleet Operation cum Head of Your Safety Team, announced the launch of the Award’s webpage under the DTC portal ( in view of the importance & success of this Award. The portal contains a number of pages including the Homepage featuring the image of the Award, several shots of cabbies, DTC profile, definition & criteria of the Award, short movie, distinguished drivers, and how to contact the work team.

In a speech delivered on their behalf by Isam Al Zu’bbi who spent 17 years of service in the DTC’s airport fleet, honourees expressed their thanks and appreciation for being honoured with DTC awards, pledging to redouble their efforts in performing their duties. “This step constitutes a huge incentive for drives to excel in serving the public and measure up to the spectacular achievements of the RTA, the high regional standing of Dubai, and the advancements made by the Emirate in various economic, business, real estate, tourist and service sectors among others,” said Al Zu’bi in his speech.

Mohammed Khalaf, Director of Vehicles, Buhaira National Insurance Company, said: “It gives us great pleasure to partner with the RTA and DTC through supporting these awards whose importance stems from the exploits and positives resulting from curbing traffic accidents & offences, and upholding the safety of the community & road users through observing traffic rules and safe driving principles.”

He urged honourees to raise the awareness of their peers of these awards and the prizes on offer in order for them to follow suit and achieve results that merit them to scoop this award or other similar awards launched by the DTC. He concluded by calling on them to do more expeditious efforts in order to maintain this high standing.