Dubai Taxi offers free Umrah trip to 45 distinguished cabbies



The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC), Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), has recently offered a free Umrah trip to 45 outstanding cabdrivers (first batch) in the context of its objectives to improve drivers’ satisfaction rating, and boost the psychological and social atmosphere, which contributes to raising the operational efficiency and attaining higher customer satisfaction.

According to Yousef Al Ali, CEO of Dubai Taxi Corporation, “The trip is part of a series of trips organized by the DTC to the Holy Land, as per an approved timetable in an initiative targeting cabdrivers through offering them fully free Umrah trip, including accommodation.”

“A committee was formed to accompany drivers, and deliver to them educative lectures on how to perform Umrah rituals. Cabbies were issued with illustrative booklets, Ihram clothing, copies of the holy Quran, rosaries and Zamzam water,” he added.

Ammar bin Tamim, Director of DTC Fleet Drivers Affairs, said, “Through its different sections, the Fleet Drivers Affairs Dep’t is endeavouring to provide a comfortable environment for more than 7,900 cabbies hailing from 31 different nationalities.”

In this regard, the DTC runs many programs, competitions and initiatives such as football & cricket tournaments among franchise companies, and hosts excursions for drivers & all employees to strengthen interrelations, and holds lectures as well as educational & awareness programs at the Training & Qualification Center, besides honoring cabbies who have achieved their own targets by feting them with moral & encouragement awards, and certificates of appreciation, among others.

On his part, Faisal Aqeel, General Manager of Retail Banking at the Emirates Islamic Bank, said, “We, at the Emirates Islamic Bank, are delighted to be part of this initiative, which echoes our mission of providing innovative and high-quality sharia-compliant services & products with the aim of enriching and developing the community.”

“We would also like to avail this opportunity to pay tribute to the efforts of DTC cabdrivers who are working diligently to serve the community. We hope that this Umrah trip, will give them a huge religious spiritual boost, and provide them with unforgettable experience.” More info