Dubai Taxi Sets Up Emergency Team During Eid Al-Adha And National Day



Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) at Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has set up an ad hoc Emergency Team to address the needs & requirements of all taxi users as well as cabdrivers during the holiday period of Eid al-Adha and National Day from 26 November to 5 December.

“Dubai Taxi Corporation is keen to ensure the continued functioning of all DTC departments & sections to ensure delivery of top quality service at all times, particularly during Eids and other occasions.

For this purpose DTC Emergency Team is being formed to run the daily affairs, attend to all inquiries & issues that crop up during the holiday period, and submit a final report on the outcomes concluded” said Abdul Aziz Malik, CEO of Dubai Taxi Corporation.

The Team is headed by the Director of Fleet Operations Dep’t Yousef Mohammed Al Ali, with members comprising the Manager of Fleet Operations Mohammed Yousef Salih, Manger of Drivers Services Salah Al Marzooki, Manager of Quality, Health and Safety Mohammed Abdul Aziz, Manager of Drivers Training & Qualifying Suzanne Accetta, and Manager of Finance Ahmed Saqr, in addition to representatives of other service and administrative sections of Dubai Taxi Corporation.

“DTC will continue delivering services during the said holiday period through this Team which will follow-up taxi operation & maintenance processes, washing & upholstery of taxicabs, accident & offence procedures, vehicle renewal and ownership, issuing of insurance policies, collection of daily revenues, warehousing along with purchasing & issuing of inventories, e-systems and taxi meters, and complaints, suggestions and lost items. 

The Team also addresses drivers’ services including handing over and receiving of driver passports in emergency cases, sick leaves, annual leaves, drivers training & conduct, and all other daily business” added Malik.

The CEO of Dubai Taxi Corporation continued: “DTC stands ready to receive & entertain customer demand for taxi service through deploying taxicabs in all residential areas, shopping malls, and metro stations across Dubai. About 300 vehicles of Dubai Taxi fleet have been deployed in these stations and taxi ranks to enhance multi-modal integration of all RTA transport modes.

Dubai Taxi has about 3503 taxicabs deployed to provide a host of service products which include District Taxi, Hatta Taxi, Ladies & Families Taxi, and Special Needs Taxi, in addition to other normal taxis. More than 7,000 drivers are involved in delivering the taxis service on shift-basis around the clock. Additionally there are 5 franchise companies, namely: National Taxi, Cars Taxi, Metro Taxi, and Arabia Taxi in addition to City Taxi, which is operated on a rideshare system. Franchise and Enforcement Dep’t at Public Transport Agency monitors the performance of these franchise companies.

Abdul Aziz Malik emphasized that DTC was very much concerned with the provision of smooth, speedy and safe mobility on Dubai roads at the highest global standards and continuing with its tradition of adopting world-class practices to improve the caliber of services delivered to all clients. ”Dubai is offering the whole world plenty & diverse services and is keen on delivering excellent and innovative products. The Emirate is seeking to upgrade and broaden the scope of technical & electronic services rendered to the whole community through various transport modes including Dubai Metro; the flagship of public transport in Dubai” added Abdul Aziz Malik in a concluding remark.