Dubai Taxi signs 8m dirham contract with Dobowi for supplying Korean Hankook tyres



Ahmed Khalfan Al Suwaidi, CEO of the Dubai Taxi Corporation, said: “Al Dobowi Tyres Group has been selected after submitting a successful bid in the Tender released early this year, and in appreciation of its continued cooperation, wide experience in the field of tyres and the quality of tyres supplied by the company.

The tyre plays an important and crucial role in maintaining the safety of the vehicle and accordingly the safety of passengers. Therefore appropriate tyres have to be selected and maintained regularly; which has been provided for in the contract with Al Dobowi. The DTC seeks to ensure all security and safety matters in tyres in order to attain the best deliverables, and fulfill RTA’s vision of providing Safe & Smooth Transport for All as well as DTC’s vision of Pioneers in Passenger Transport Services.

“The contract provides for the supply to DTC taxicabs tyres of Hankook brand made in South Korea, and compatible with the GCC specifications and standards at the prices agreed to, along with the fitting & balancing of tyres in addition to carrying out wheel alignment free of charge in case two tyres or more are changed in the vehicle. The contract also provides for Al Dobowi to repair tyre punctures in DTC taxicabs free of charge, and appointing agents to provide this complimentary service at their facilities,” added Al Suwaidi.

“The DTC brand & logo will be embossed on the sidewall of the tyre and Al Dobowi will embark on this procedure at its facilities within the DTC premises at Muhaisnah 4 where 30 to 40 tyres will be changed per day, and the company will provide necessary equipment and staff 7/24 including holidays as per the timetable agreed to. It has also been agreed with the company to re-buy all used and replaced tyres of all sizes in DTC taxicabs,” he continued.

For his part, Mr. Surender Singh Kandhari – Founder & Chairman of Al Dobowi Group, was delighted with the winning of the Tender and working side by side with the DTC for two additional years. “We are fully ready to honour what we have agreed to in this contract taking into consideration the interests of the DTC and providing the highest levels of security & safety to its taxi fleet. We will provide all relevant equipment needed for changing and the balancing of tyres at DTC’s workshop and operate them by expert & skilled technicians, besides supplying nitrogen gas free of charge to all new tyres mounted at the Center in addition to providing a mobile service in emergency or extreme cases.”

“Based on the contract, Hankook tyres to be provided to the DTC are covered by a warranty against manufacturing defects, and we will provide and install the required service equipment along with the safety certificates twice during the initial period of the contract,” added Mr. Singh. More info