Dubai Taxi signs contract with Noor Takaful



The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC), Roads & Transport Agency (RTA) has signed a contract with Noor Takaful General providing takaful (Islamic insurance) coverage against loss, damage and civil responsibility for all the existing vehicles in the DTC fleet, and various types of vehicles to be added by the DTC after the signing of this Agreement as well as the premises, properties, daily cash balances and various work-related injuries of the DTC.

The Contract was signed on behalf of the DTC by its CEO Abdul Aziz Malik, and on behalf of Noor Takaful General by its CEO Parvaiz Siddiq, in the presence of several directors and senior executives from both parties.

Abdul Aziz Malik expressed satisfaction with the contract made with Noor Takaful General for covering DTC’s vehicles and said: ”This will mark the beginning of a future relationship between the two parties that will grow to cover other aspects for the benefit of the DTC and the RTA.

“Under this Contract Noor Takaful will take part in various awareness campaigns held by the DTC to educate drivers on road safety, minimize traffic accidents, and develop an incentive scheme to reward cabdrivers aligned with the system adopted by the DTC to raise drivers satisfaction level,” said Malik.

“DTC is endeavouring to provide all means, methods and services delivered to employees in general and drivers in particular in recognition of their efforts to deliver optimal services. This is being manifested in providing all services & facilities they need, and adopting high standards of safety & security in keeping with RTA vision of providing Safe & Smooth Transport for All, in recognition of their contribution to the improvement of the RTA business and image across the community” added Malik.

According to the Contract, the Takaful policy includes coverage of all personal accidents sustained by cabdrivers and passengers, regardless of their ages as per the permissible numbers per vehicle provided for in the traffic law, against death and injuries resulting from accidents sustained by covered vehicles, provided the amount of compensation shall be equivalent to the Sharia blood money applicable to each individual in the UAE. Compensations received will be governed by the labour laws of compensation for injuries. The coverage also includes DTC employees if they were on board at the time of the accident.

Takaful policy also covers losses resulting from natural causes (such as breakage or damage of windows due to pressure, heat, rains, winds or ice storms to name a few), damage inflicted to the vehicle or its engine, furniture or internal / external components (such as all internal and external systems) due to rainwater or other natural elements or an act of human or fire whatsoever was its origin or cause (such as burning of electrical wiring for any reason). The policy also covers accidents resulting from collision with any of DTC’s properties or vehicles, and accidents resulting from riots, strikes, violence and deliberate acts of sabotage as well as accidents that happen during the stealing of a vehicle, whether with or without its key, driving without a valid driving license, and transporting any of DTC’s vehicles through means of transportation.

For his part the CEO of Noor Takaful General H.E. Parvaiz Siddiq expressed his delight with the signing of this Contract and working side by side with the RTA in general and Dubai Taxi Corporation in particular. He stated that the Co. would be fully ready to honour the provisions agreed to under this Contract out of keen attention to safeguard the interests of the RTA and DTC and its vehicles.