Dubai Taxi to boost drivers satisfaction



In a ceremony bringing together employees and cabdrivers of the Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC), the CEO of the DTC Yousef Al Ali has recently opened a new restaurant for cabbies built within the compounds of the DTC in cooperation with Fairway Co. The step is taken as part of a series of initiatives undertaken by the DTC in a bid to raise the satisfaction of cabdrivers in keeping with its strategic vision of “Pioneers in Passenger Transport Services”.

“This initiative is taken in the context of DTC’s attention and care for its human resources who are the backbone and the frontend of the DTC in dealing with the public.

The DTC is aspiring to play a leading role in taxi services at the regional level through delivering top-class services to customers; which can only be achieved through the concerted efforts of all employees.

“The restaurant comprises a diverse cast of oriental, Asian and local dishes purposely prepared to meet the preferences & tastes of more than 8000 cabdrivers hailing from more than 35 nationalities.

All services together with a suitable working environment have been provided for drivers such as accommodation services, barber shop, supermarket, dry clean shop, ticketing office and the restaurant; which all aim at achieving the highest retention rates of cabdrivers. More info