Dubai Taxi to revise Drivers Performance Assessment System



The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC), Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), has recently revised DTC Drivers Performance Assessment System through which drivers rewards and penalties score is measured by means of a questionnaire circulated among drivers to probe their opinions about upgrading the system to make it more attractive.

The CEO of the DTC Abdul Aziz Malik explained the proposed system saying: “The proposed system aims at achieving a 6% improvement in customer satisfaction and mystery shopper results, a 5% improvement in drivers satisfaction rating, a 2% improvement in the rate of traffic accidents per 100,000 in which DTC drivers are involved, an 11% reduction in traffic offences per 100,000 km, a reduction of complaints rate per 100,000 km, and a 2% increase in the average daily revenue.

“Rewards offered under the current system are 300 dirham for all categories, but the financial sums of the four categories will be upped as follows: Category (A): AED10,000; Category (B): AED5,000; Category (C): AED3,000; and Category (D): AED1,500 and the total budget of the system is hiked to 29 million dirham.

“Launching the new DTC Fleet Drivers Performance Assessment System helps develop a number of objectives such as improving the level of services rendered by cabbies to the public, introducing an effective daily performance assessment system, reducing the number of accidents, improving & controlling the poor driver’s performance, and rewarding distinguished drivers; where two millions dirhams are set as annual rewards for this purpose”, added Malik.

“We track the distinguished performance of drivers and celebrate the efforts of these drivers such that they obtain a number of points against the efforts made towards improving the level of service offered to the public. In doing so we are guided by a number of indicators such as customer complaints, driver’s income, income per one km, accidents, fines and black points,” said the CEO of DTC in a final remark.